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Asla vs Suit

An Astounding story of Punjabi wedding scenes. The music video of Asla vs. Suit is directed by the renowned Arsh Wander, who has a long list of successful projects under his name.

Ok Report

A refreshing song with a unique approach. Jessica Chaudhary has to be given credit for ensuring both on and off camera, that Ok report touches the heart of millions of Punjabi natives both on the mainland and overseas


“Mainu Jhanjra de shor vicho hun sun da ve tera naam soneya” lyrics from the Jhanjra song serve a sweet subtle story in itself and being combined with fine Punjabi folk music makes it something irresistible.

Sikka Band

Talking about the song Sikka band, this unusual yet appealing treatment is one of the major factors that keep you hooked not only to the music but the video also.

Jessica Chaudhary

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